HR Competencies

  • Leadership and Navigation
  • Communication


The Human Element® Approach is built upon the philosophy that the level of success an organization can achieve is determined by the quality of the relationships among its customers, suppliers, colleagues, managers, and team members. People and teams achieve their potential when they are mutually supportive, 100% accountable, skillfully collaborative, and non-defensive. Put another way, people thrive when they are self-aware when they have the emotional intelligence, social intelligence, and tools to creatively resolve conflict in a thoughtful, open, and intentional way. This work is supported by a research-based analysis and practical methodology for immediate application at every level of an organization.

Outline of Best Practices

  • Communicate openly and candidly
  • Be accountable for your actions
  • Understand human behavior
  • Recognize feelings and drivers of behavior
  • Know yourself, your style, your triggers, and blind spots
  • Explore conflict patterns
  • Manage yourself effectively when encountering difficult interactions
  • Listen more curiously and neutrally
  • Give and receive feedback regarding interpersonal preferences

Designed For

Executives, managers, team leaders, team members, OD and human resources professionals, change agents, trainers, consultants, people seeking a thorough grounding in Fundamental Interpersonal Relations Orientation (FIRO) theory and in advancing their knowledge of human behavior in organizations

Employers Council staff

On-Site Option

This class can be facilitated as a powerful experience with either intact teams or with people throughout the organization. It can be customized for your needs and timeframe. In addition to the standard on-site rate, this session has additional materials fees.​


2.10 Continuing Education Units
19.50 SHRM-PDC
Course ID #COMM120

Class Details

Location:Employers Council, 1799 N Pennsylvania St, Denver, CO 80203-1310
Time:8:30 am to 4:30 pm
List Price:$555.00

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