​ Are you ready for the future of HR? The bar has been raised and HR must create and deliver value in real business terms. HR leaders must take the lead in business initiatives such as planning, forecasting, business strategy, and the accomplishments of the organization-wide business plan and objectives.

Who Should Attend

Human Resource professionals who are committed to their organization’s future and their own professional development. Other individuals who recognize the importance of HR functions in business leadership.

Certificate Requirements

Complete the following core classes and one (1) class from the suggested additional classes list. To request your certificate, please contact Registration at 800.844.1328 or email Registration@EmployersCouncil.org.

NOTE: As the Human Resource profession evolves, classes may be added or dropped at the discretion of the Director of Human Resource Services. However, credit will be given to individuals who have taken a class that is subsequently dropped or renamed.


Please note that you must complete both the Required Core Classes and the Elective Classes down below to receive this certification.

Required Core Classes

  • Change Management: Building Resiliency

    Change Management: Building Resiliency will support you in understanding the process of change and transition in order to successfully manage change in our fast-paced world. Course ID MGMT114

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  • Compensation Administration II: Advanced Concepts

    Participants in this advanced compensation class will explore enhanced concepts to creatively design programs to meet business objectives and identify and resolve compensation challenges. Course ID COMP111

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  • Ethics for Business: People, Performance, And Principles

    This seminar serves as the basis for developing an ethics awareness program. Course ID HR139

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  • Financial Acumen for HR Professionals

    This class increases the financial intelligence of human resources professionals. Course ID HR171

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  • HR Metrics and Analysis: Focusing on What is Important

    Understanding and using data, metrics, and analytics enhances HR's value. Course ID HR135

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  • HR Strategic Planning: Building Organizational Capability

    Create a plan to develop and sustain high performance that is in line with your organization's mission, values, and goals. Course ID HR134

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  • One Case Study from the Harvard Business Series: Real-World Case Studies

    Explore the issues and solutions experienced by high-profile organizations and engage in an interactive learning experience with participants from other organizations. Course ID SPEC927

  • Workforce Planning: Your Roadmap to the Future

    Use a more proactive, systematic approach for your workforce planning needs. Course ID HR124

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Classes You Can Choose From

You need to choose two of these classes in addition to the required classes above to complete your certification.

Benefit Administration: The Basics from A to Z

Understand the basic design concepts regarding benefit administration, from retirement to health, and medical spending programs. Course ID BNFTS101

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Communication Tools

Successfully put into action a set of precise and practical communication methods, skills, and techniques. Course ID COMM105

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Communicating Effectively in Difficult Situations for Managers and Supervisors

The ability to handle difficult situations constructively is critical to your career as a successful manager. Course ID COMP101

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Leadership Through Influence

Participants increase their self-knowledge and awareness of their personal power base, determine strengths and weaknesses, and learn to apply specific influence tactics effectively. Course ID MGMT103

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Leadership: Why Would Anyone Want to Follow You?

This course is designed to help you navigate the increasingly complex terrain of leading people. Course ID MGMT129

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Managing in a Multi-Cultural Environment

We focus on the cultural values which create differences in workplace behaviors as a means to accepting and leveraging them to build a strong, functioning workforce. Course ID MGMT123

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Managing Remote Employees

To give managers the tools they need to successfully manage virtual teams of employees across multiple locations. Course ID MGMT125

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Negotiation for Win-Win Results

Instruction, class exercises, and a mock negotiation are used to provide participants with applicable skills and practical knowledge to become a more thoughtful and effective negotiator. Course ID CONF106

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Problem Solving Skills

This course will walk you through a series of steps to best define, document, explore, and evaluate the problem in front of you. Course ID PROBS103

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Succession Planning:Are You Prepared?

To be successful, organizations must have a succession planning system in place to staff critical positions and develop future leaders. Course ID HR160

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Writing Proposals that Win

This half-day program will explain effective ways to ensure 100% compliance with all requirements in solicitation documents; how to write to the reviewing audience; and how to cope with unclear solicitation documents. Course ID WRITI108

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An Additional Case Study From the Business Analysis: Real-World Case Studies

Explore the issues and solutions experienced by high-profile organizations and engage in an interactive learning experience with participants from other organizations. Course ID SPEC927


Compensation Administration: Incentive Plans

This course is ideal for the human resources professional responsible for designing, assessing and maintaining variable pay plans. In the course, you’ll learn the fundamentals of variable pay programs.. Course ID COMP112

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