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Challenge your business acumen and receive Business recertification credits! Harvard’s School of Business has been a leading presence in the world of education for over 100 years. Get the Harvard business experience firsthand with our Real-World Case Studies! Explore the issues and solutions experienced by high-profile organizations and engage in an interactive learning experience with participants from other organizations and facilitators of Employers Council.


  • Expose participants to current business issues and practices using high-profile organizations as examples
  • Analyze cases exploring topics such as Innovation, Sustainability, and Gender Equity; Supply Chain Management, Marketing, and Social Responsibility
  • Discuss and apply relevant practices and insights from Harvard Business cases to participant organizations (as time permits)
Note: Each class requires pre-reading and prep work by participants. Materials will be emailed to participants before each class.​

March 3

Harvard Business Case - Cynthia Cooper and WorldCom: Ethics, Courage and Character​

This case details the in-house discovery of WorldCom's fraudulent accounting practices and the ethical considerations employees faced during the investigation. In May 2002, Cynthia Cooper, vice president of internal audit for WorldCom, the second-largest telecommunications company in the United States, faced an extremely difficult decision. After months of sleuthing, initially not sure what they were seeking, she and two of her employees at the Clinton, Mississippi, WorldCom headquarters had discovered almost $4 billion in questionable accounting entries. The specter of the Enron collapse in the fall of 2001 still loomed large, and Cooper realized that the situation at WorldCom might even be a far greater financial debacle. If this fraud were revealed, much would be at stake: the company's credibility, the fate of thousands of employees, and pension funds loaded with WorldCom stock.

​Who Should Attend

Organizational managers and leaders, HR professionals, and those looking to increase their understanding of key business concepts, principles, and applications


Employers Council staff

Qualifies for 3.0 SPHR Business recertification credits.​



0.30 Continuing Education Units
3.00 HRCI-Business
Course ID #SPEC927

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