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The EEOC has redoubled its efforts to address harassment in the workplace. Employers should too. There has been a surge of harassment allegations as a result of the #MeToo movement. What this has shown is that too often, too many people in too many workplaces find themselves in unacceptably harassing situations. Part of the solution is effective in-person training geared for employees who do not have a management role. Employers who fail to train employees on harassment prevention are increasingly at risk for liability. Equal employment opportunity and anti-harassment policies alone are not enough today. Employees must know what behavior constitutes illegal harassment, how to promote a respectful workplace, and when to use their employer’s complaint procedure. This class may be customized to meet the needs of your organization.


  • Discussion of case studies to determine whether conduct crosses the legal line.
  • What workplace behaviors are respectful, inappropriate, or potentially illegal?
  • What are the laws prohibiting sexual harassment and other types of harassment?
  • What responsibilities do employees have to prevent harassment at work?
  • What is the organization’s policy against discrimination and harassment?

Who Should Attend

Non-management employees


Employers Council staff attorney



Course ID #LEGL124

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This customized class is available exclusively as an on-site program. Contact our on-site training coordinator for more information and to schedule your training!

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