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Gain confidence in your drawing and visual presentation with this hands-on workshop. Understand what working visually is all about and have your eyes opened to the MANY ways these skills can be applied. Using large scale visuals (flipchart and beyond), enhance your facilitated experiences for your visual learners. Create interactive wall charts for your presentations and high-level meetings, where participation is key. Practice lettering and drawing, and applying color and composition to communicate effectively in a visual format. Learn about recording information as historical artifacts for  future decision-making and communication.


  • Learn about the tools and all the other creative supplies in your hands. You have free license to play.
  • Basic marker skills: Practice lettering and writing techniques that are easy to read, easy to create and that will impress your peers.
  • Learn how to work with and hang large paper.
  • Drawing basics: practice using common communication images.
  • Marry drawing and lettering tools to create practical signage for your teaching/meeting space.
  • Be introduced to techniques for making information clearer: Chunking, connecting, separating, highlighting, and prioritizing.
  • Examine the use of color and its impact in visual presentation.
  • Select the appropriate template for your visual notes.
  • See multiple examples of visual note-taking and mimic those that work for your training/presentation situations.
  • Receive plenty of direct and supportive feedback on your work.
  • Witness others’ work (gallery walks, feedback) and collaborate on making your visuals more clear and impactful.
  • Exit with a renewed interest in your profession; know you’ve found something that really suits you and the way you operate in the world.

Designed For

Trainers, facilitators, leaders, managers, teachers, coaches, anyone who works with groups and individuals who wants to enhance their ability in graphic recording and facilitation


Kriss Wittmann, Wittmann Studios Strategic Illustrator​


Course ID #PDEV133

Class Details

Location:Employers Council, 1799 N Pennsylvania St, Denver, CO 80203-1310
Time:8:30 am to 4:30 pm
List Price:$275.00
Location:Employers Council, 1799 N Pennsylvania St, Denver, CO 80203-1310
Time:8:30 am to 4:30 pm
List Price:$275.00

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