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“GOAL!” stands for Get Organized At Last! Is your day spent overwhelmed with piles of paper, onslaughts of emails, endless interruptions, and to-do lists galore? Do you spend your days dealing with minutia, rather than attending to your most important priorities? Is your procrastination or perfectionism standing in your way of success? Achieve your GOAL, and launch yourself and your team on an immediate path to better organization and greater productivity with GOAL! Get Organized At Last!

This dynamic class provides simple, easy-to-implement solutions to help you get control of your workload and your day, contribute to the success of your organization, and increase your value as an employee. In today’s competitive corporate climate, even highly successful and profitable companies constantly look for ways to get more done, in less time.


  • Stop stacking, stuffing, and spreading papers in your office; and understand what to do with each and every piece of paper in your life
  • Banish clutter and streamline your space
  • Manage email efficiently and effectively, learn strategies to empty your mailbox so you don’t feel chained to your computer every minute of the day
  • Learn Microsoft Outlook tips and tricks to help increase your efficiency with this powerful tool
  • Reduce interruptions and distractions, and increase focus and concentration
  • Schedule your time and prioritize so you can get your most important tasks done first
  • Improve your ability to limit and quickly recover from unexpected interruptions
  • Follow up and follow through on assignments
  • Learn simple project management strategies
  • Significantly reduce the stress and anxiety that comes from being overworked, overwhelmed, and overloaded; gain more control over your workload
  • Identify personal productivity pitfalls and learn how to address them
  • Increase your contribution to the bottom-line results of your organization

Who Should Attend

Anyone wanting to get more organized and more productive


Jan Keller, JTK Training and Consulting



0.70 Continuing Education Units
Course ID #TIME106

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