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The U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) continues to aggressively enforce the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA). Every week we see press releases touting the DOL’s success in catching employers who have violated the FLSA by failing to pay employees for all hours worked, pay overtime properly, or comply with the FLSA’s many other provisions. Don’t be one of those employers! The FLSA is among the most complex laws employers must deal with. This concentrated course focuses on FLSA essentials you must know to protect your company from liability.


  • Which employers must comply with the FLSA?
  • Which workers are protected by the FLSA?
  • What records/postings does the FLSA require?
  • What does the FLSA consider as “hours of work” that employers must pay for? (E.g. are travel, on-call, and training time hours worked?)
  • How do employers properly calculate overtime? (E.g., how do bonus payments and shift differentials impact overtime calculations?)
  • What are the “white-collar exemptions” from FLSA’s requirements?

Who Should Attend

Human resources professionals, accounting/payroll personnel, and anyone in need of an introduction to or refresher on the FLSA


Employers Council staff attorney


Great on-site!



0.40 Continuing Education Units
3.75 HRCI-General
Course ID #LEGL197

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