This half-day workshop is designed for supervisors/managers at all levels and in all departments of a higher-education organization—administration, operations, faculty, student affairs, foundations, etc.  It is intended to raise awareness about the kinds of situations you may encounter and the decisions you have to make day in and day out, including your reasoning about whether a particular action is ethical or not – or, perhaps, simply ill-advised for one or more reasons.  The agenda includes:

  • What Constitutes Ethics and Ethical Behavior
  • Aids to Ethical Decision Making
  • Scenarios:  “Ethical … Or Not?”
    Ethics in the Public Eye
  • Why Ethical Decisions Matter
  • What Can be Done Institutionally & Individually
  • Utilization of Decision-making Models


Designed for:

Specifically for Higher Education



Course ID #SPEC010

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No offerings for the remainder of the year. Check our new course catalog coming out this fall.

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