Just like any for-profit business, nonprofits can find themselves under scrutiny for lapses in ethical decision making.  And, because charitable nonprofits are highly reliant on public trust and support to legitimize and to advance their work, the effects of such a lapse can be devastating and long lasting.  When a nonprofit is accused of an ethical breach, there is not just the likely loss of public trust and financial and non-financial support, there is also the likelihood of diminished support for its worthy constituents.  Thankfully, the kinds of ethical dilemmas you may face on a daily or weekly basis are not the sort of issues likely to make the evening news.  This makes them no less important, however. 

Join us for a free, one-hour webinar on this topic for our n​onprofit members.  During the webinar, we will consider:  What is meant by ethics and ethical behavior; what makes a 501(c)(3) nonprofit unique; some of the resources available to help inform ethical behavior; some practices to promote ethical behavior; a simple decision-making model, and a few challenging scenarios you could encounter.  


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There are no scheduled instances of this class for the remainder of the year. Check out our new course catalog this fall, or click below to explore onsite options.

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