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  • Ethical Practice
  • HR Expertise 


Awareness training provides an opportunity for employees to strengthen the skills they need to effectively address values conflicts and ethical dilemmas in the workplace. The program takes a glass-half-full approach and builds on and complements an organization core program on ethics. The two-hour interactive and energizing program utilizes a group game to simulate the paradox of competition and collaboration making ethical choices. The lessons from the game form a foundation for a review of topical ethical issues and a group discussion on several ethical situations. The program also addresses why being ethical is so challenging, how culture affects ethics, and why appeal to both an employee heart and head are important elements of any successful ethics program. Customized member specific ethical scenarios and a customized leave behind pamphlet are included as a way to reinforce the message with all participants. The program is a perfect complement to sexual harassment training and can be considered a key component of an organizations’ compliance program. 


  • Ethics game—competition or collaboration?
  • Ethical breaches in the news
  • Why being ethical matters
  • Why is being ethical so challenging
  • Analyzing company specific ethical scenarios
  • Ethical lessons and encouragement 

Designed For ​

The class is appropriate for employees at all levels and organizations of any size, industry or sector seeking to reinforce the message that being ethical is good for the organization, management, and all employees​

​Class Details

This customized class is available exclusively as an on-site program. Contact our on-site training coordinator for more information and to schedule your training!

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