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Annual changes in employment law and HR best practices affect employees and businesses like yours around the country. It's important to understand these changes to protect yourself and your organization.  Over 1,500 people attend the ELU conference each year to hear from industry professionals as they review the most significant employment law developments of the year. Our HR experts and labor law attorneys strip away the legalese and provide you with practical, timely, and critical advice to minimize employment law liability.​

Who should attend

This conference is for business owners, managers, supervisors, in-house counsel, and human resources professionals.

Topics Include:

  • Mental Health Awareness
  • Gig Economy
  • Labor Issues
  • OSHA
  • Post-Pandemic Legal Issues
  • And much, much more​

​Conf​erence Sessions​

Federal Legal, Legislative, and Regulatory Update

As the age-old saying goes, "elections have consequences." For the first time in a decade, the democratic party has control of both chambers of congress, as well as the presidency. As a result of last November’s election, the federal government has seen a seismic shift in direction as policies and regulations from the previous Trump administration are reversed and the new Biden administration pushes new proposals aimed to dramatically affect the employment landscape. During this time, the federal courts have also been busy continuing to interpret old laws in surprising new ways. This session will discuss the change in administration and how it has impacted the agencies responsible for enforcing federal employment laws, as well as what employers need to be aware of to remain compliant in the year ahead.

Presenter: Drew Hintze, Esq, Employers Council Dever Office

State Legal, Legislative, and Regulatory Update

Over the past year, state governments and courts have passed laws and issued decisions governing workplace matters.  Please join one of our state employment law experts for a cutting edge breakout session about the latest employment law news from your backyard.


​ArizonaGlenn Pelster, Arizona office
Colorado – Allison Moore, Denver office
UtahKatie Hudman, Utah office

Come Hither Said the Spider: Opportunities and Pitfalls in the Gig Economy

The gig economy is changing the world.  Or so we are told.  But what changes is the gig economy really bringing for employers?  And what is the gig economy?  Most people are sure they know it when they see it, but there is no single definition for the "gig economy."  This seminar will examine the gig economy and discuss the practical and legal risks and benefits for contingent and alternative work arrangements.

Presenter: Dean Harris, Grand Junction office

Employee Mental Health Issues Are On The Rise:  How Should Employers Respond?

In today’s work environment, employers are seeing a significant increase in mental health issues among their employees.  This presentation -- with presenters from both the HR/organizational development and legal perspective –  is designed to help employers recognize mental health issues, understand how to appropriately respond, and become aware of potential legal consequences if mental health concerns are not adequately addressed.  The presenters will also discuss how employers can create an environment that supports employees in achieving and maintaining mental wellness.

Presenter: Alyssa Leonas, Denver office and Barbara Bagdon, NRO

The Pendulum Swings: The National Labor Relations Board under the New Administration

The Pendulum Swings. The Biden Administration will have a profound impact on the National Labor Relations Board.  As we enter a pro-union era again, we will review what we have learned from past pendulum swings and what we can expect to see from this Board.  The likely impact on employers will range from handbook policy changes to employee use of an employer’s email system for organizing.  Join us for a discussion of lessons we have learned from the past and what we can expect in the future from the National Labor Relations Board.

Presenter: Monica Blackwood, Denver office

Next Steps in Safety: Navigating OSHA in a Late and Post-Pandemic World

We’ve made it through more than a year of COVID-19, and mastered the art of the pandemic plan, with reduced employee capacity, mask orders and temperature checks. We’re ready to be done.  Unfortunately, OSHA is just getting ramped up. With a new administration and a renewed focus on COVID-19 safety and enforcement, you’re more likely than ever to encounter this agency.  This presentation will focus on COVID-19 safety requirements and the enforcement mechanisms OSHA uses to ensure employer compliance with COVID-19, and safety in general. Don’t be stuck on the receiving end of a complaint letter or an OSHA inspection without having attended this session!

Presenter: Jennifer Vold, Denver Office

Long-Term Impact of COVID on the Workplace:  How COVID has Changed the Legal Landscape

The COVID-19 pandemic will have long term impacts on the world, including in the workplace. The pandemic has brought about new employment laws and changes to the legal landscape. A large number of employees are working remote and will continue to do so even after the pandemic has ended. This means that current and new employees may be located in multiple states across the U.S. Employers need to be aware of the tax implications, workers compensation issues, and specific state laws that may apply to remote workers in different states. Multiple employment laws have been passed in response to this global health crisis. This includes federal laws such as the American Rescue Plan Act and paid sick leave laws, such as Colorado’s Healthy Families and Workplaces Act. Employers can also anticipate requests to continue to work remote as an accommodation under the ADA. Employers may face challenges in denying those requests as employees have demonstrated their ability to work remote over the past year. Although employers have always had the duty under OSHA to provide a work environment free from recognized hazards, employers should consider taking additional steps to protect employees as they return to the workplace. This can include things such as staggered work schedules, air purification process, and environmental cleaning and disinfection. Although things may be returning to the new normal, some changes as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic are here to stay.

Presenter: Christina Husman, NRO

Employers Summit 2021 – Save the Date

November 3-4, 2021

This will be our 5th Annual Employers Summit Conference, and we welcome you to attend once again virtually. The conference focuses on helping organizations navigate a rapidly changing landscape. This conference experience will provide you with a multi-discipline approach from HR, Compensation and Benefits, and Culture and Leadership areas.
Choose from multiple topics and breakout sessions to create a customized experience just for you—all from the comfort of your own home office. Presenters from Employers Council and leading industry experts will present you with fresh new ideas to implement back on the job. More info to come.​

Course Details

Virtual Conference
​June 17-18

8:30 - 12:30 MDT both days

Virtual Event​

Member Price: $250
 Non-Member Price: $350

​Virtual Event + 30 day On Demand

Member Price: $325
Non-Member Price: $425​​

Bundled Conference Offerings

Consider our bundled conference offerings which allow you to purchase registration for more than one upcoming conference at a discounted bundle rate. 


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