To help members understand many of the complex challenges they face, Employers Council proudly presents the E​mployer Insights series of live classes and webinars. These free sessions offer research-based analyses, professional insights, and practical solutions including the resources and services available through membership. Please refer to your local office for more information about these sessions. This year’s focus is on technology in the workplace.​​ Register for individual sessions under each description, or for the entire series under each location.​

Business Performance and HR Technology​

Measure & Maximize Performance​

Monitoring and measurement of organizations and their workforces is increasingly possible on a vast scale, frequency and level. But does this result in better performance? Considerations over the use of technology and cultural impact will be explored to identify what matte​rs.​

Legal Lessons for Employers and Technology

Employment Law Advice & Representation​

Technology evolves faster than the law — how can employers avoid legal pitfalls? This session explores lessons and practices for employers to effectively manage challenges and remain compliant.

Driving​ Business Success with HR Technology

HR Expertise & Support​

Employers must understand how technology increasingly impacts the entire employee life-cycle. In addition, HR must be a technology leader to support their organization’s success. This session explores these considerations, and offers pr​actical action steps.​​

Cybersecurity, HR, and Employer Responsibilities​

Compliance & Risk Management

Criminals increasingly use technology to constantly attack employers to exploit employees, extort ransom, and extract valuable intellectual property. Employers and their HR professionals must understand this threat and take action. HR best practices and legal mandates will be addressed.

Data-driven HR Business Practices​

​Compensation Strategy & HR Data

Organizations may leverage technology to​ comply and improve HR functions such as compensation practices. This session explores the skill sets and use of data and technology needed by HR to build value.​​

Employee Brains, Tech and Organizational Effectiveness​

Training & Development

Employee training is undergoing a technological revolution. Does this result in effective learning? Develop an understanding of what research reveals about brain function, and how technology may impact meaningful employee learning.

Virtual / Dec 3​​​


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