If you are an employer, you have an employer brand. Whether or not you intended to build an employer brand is irrelevant because your current and former employees will always talk about you; whether in person or via Social Media, and the stories they tell others about what it’s like to work for you is your employer brand. If you are not actively working to ensure that those stories are positive, then you are not managing your employer brand. Do you wish to create an employer brand evokes positive images and feelings in your employees, candidates, alumni, and other stakeholders? Join us for Employers Council’s new three webinar series on creating, utilizing, and maintaining an employer brand. 

Session Descriptions

Defining and Understanding Employer Branding (Apr 9) 

What stories do your employees tell about your organization, and are these stories beneficial to your company’s recruiting and business strategies? Whether intentional or not, every organization has an employer brand. What your employees say about you directly affects how your organization is perceived by others; both internally and externally. Your organization’s reputation can help or hinder efforts to meet its strategic goals – especially when it comes to recruiting, retaining, and engaging an elite workforce. This session will introduce and define the concept of employer branding and help participants gain a solid understanding of how credible employer branding can benefit an organization. 

Planning your Employer Brand (Jul 16) 

Now you are familiar with employer branding and understand the benefits of a positive, credible employer brand. The next step is to identify your current brand and determine whether or not it’s working. If it’s not working, you need to create an employer brand that will work; one that tells the story about working for you in a way that will give people positive feelings about your organization. How do you do that? This session will discuss how to: 
  • ​Identify your current employer brand and determine its effectiveness 
  • Identify gaps—where you are vs. where you want to be 
  • Specify goals and prioritize 
  • Design/develop/formalize your EVP 
  • Execute and market the brand

General Nurturing and Living your Employer Brand (Oct 15) 

You know how important your employer brand is, and you know the story you want employees to tell about working for you. Now you need to nurture/reinforce your employer brand so that it can flourish. This can only happen when employees are committed to your employer brand and allow it to guide the decisions they make. Join us for the final Webinar in this three-part series and discover how to keep your brand alive. During this session, you will learn how to: 
  • ​Integrate your employer brand throughout the employee life cycle 
  • Create systems that support the sustainability of your employer brand 
  • Measure and evaluate the success of your employer brand initiative 

​Who Should Attend 

This series is designed to educate HR and management staff about how to leverage employer branding for recruiting, retention, and engagement of employees. Anyone who is involved in the employment life cycle, or who wants to learn more about employer branding, would benefit from attending this series. ​


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