HR Competencies

  • ​Relationship Management
  • Ethical Practice
  • Global and Cultural Effectiveness


This highly attended and expertly facilitated course offers participants the opportunity to focus on the essential elements that lead to the building of or erosion of effective relationships and subsequent outcomes. Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is much more than simply understanding and naming your emotions. 

It is a model rooted in years of neuroscience research that reveals ways to deliberately and intentionally utilize your emotions as actual data to create optimal results in professional and personal relationships. Class participants will also learn the bottom line benefits associated with deepening self-awareness. EQ involves the ability to accurately identify emotions in self and others, to modify or regulate them, and express empathy. It is a set of essential, learnable skills. Time is spent in this class building awareness of the evolutionary role of emotions, recognizing patterns, applying consequential thinking, and expanding your ability to develop key relationship skills.


Define Emotional Intelligence and Develop the Five

EQ Competencies

  • Self-awareness
  • Self-regulation
  • Self-motivation
  • Empathy
  • Relationship skills
Assess your emotional intelligence through use of a comprehensive assessment

Designed For

Formal and informal leaders in organizations who want to be more effective​
Employers Council staff

On-Site Option

In addition to the standard on-site rate, there is a $20 per-person materials fee. This class is particularly effective as an on-site program tailored to an individual organization. 


Course ID #MGMT111h

Class Details

There are no scheduled instances of this class for the remainder of the year. Check out our new course catalog this fall, or click below to explore onsite options.

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