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Facing overloaded email inboxes and massive amounts of inbound emails daily, today’s workforce is overwhelmed. Email has taken over our workdays, and spills over into our personal lives, as we are constantly connected. Often with hundreds (and sometimes thousands) of emails in our inboxes, it is difficult or impossible to prioritize our work and get the important things done. This class helps people create order from chaos, set boundaries, clarify priorities, use technology more wisely, and email more effectively. Combining the powerful and effective GOAL! email techniques and time management philosophies this class helps you end Email Chaos! once and for all. Attendees will not be working on computers.


  • Email Chaos Ended! Time Regained! teaches not only email management techniques, but time management (around email) as well
  • Break free of the email choke-chain, and increase your focus in the process
  • Set reasonable email boundaries and expectations for yourself and others
  • Get your email inbox to zero, and keep it that way
  • Reduce the number of low value emails cluttering your inbox
  • Clarify email priorities and improve responsiveness—learn how to follow-up and follow through on important emails
  • Losing your emails? Learn strategies to file and find important emails again
  • Forgot how to dial the phone? Learn when to email and when to call?
  • Guidelines for writing short, impactful emails that get results
  • When to cc, bcc, Reply All, and more
  • Has the tone of your emails gotten you in hot water? Learn helpful guidelines to keep you in good graces
  • Outlook email tips and tricks demonstrated (G-mail handouts will be available for G-mail users)

Who Should Attend

Anyone wanting to get more organized with their email and their time


Jan Keller, JTK Training and Consulting



0.40 Continuing Education Units
Course ID #TIME108

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