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This class provides high-level managers and human resource professionals with the knowledge they need to respond to and combat union organizing tactics and techniques. This on-site class is customized to allow participants to analyze their workplace practices and guidelines to determine which will foster positive employee relations. Participants will learn how to use the resources and services available to members of Employers Council to create a comprehensive union avoidance plan including, issue assessment, supervisory training, policy development, and positive communications.


  • Workplace audit—participants will review and discuss a self- audit designed to identify issues that signal vulnerability to union organizing before it happens
  • Presentation and discussion of effective programs to preserve union-free status
  • Recent NLRB developments that affect union-free status
  • Local organizing activity, issues, and techniques
  • Union-free and no-solicitation policies
  • New employee orientation
  • Employee opinion surveys
  • Employee participation committees
  • Union-free management training for supervisors
  • Internal dispute resolution
  • Employer’s response to union organizing

Designed For

Human resources professionals and high-level managers interested in ensuring a union avoidance plan is in place


Course ID #LABOR102

Class Details

There are no scheduled instances of this class for the remainder of the year. Check out our new course catalog this fall, or click below to explore onsite options.

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