The COVID Crisis has transitioned into the next phase for employers. We want to provide three new Crisis Leadership 2-hour sessions to help you navigate and lead employees coming back to work. You'll get the answers to these questions and much more:

  • How do you structure everyone's return?
  • How do you create the “revised" workplace so people feel connected and trusting?
  • How do you blend your team split in half – some on the worksite while some are at home?
  • ​How do you lead people in managing all the emotions while staying focused on the results? 
  • How do you blend what was with what is as employees come back? ​​

We are staying ahead of this new crisis phase by taking you to the next level of how to lead integrating the employees returning to work, their relationships, and getting the work done. These sessions are available to everyone – regardless of whether you're a member of Employers Council.

Session 4

Shift Management – Blending Onsite and Remote Workers Together ​/ May 11

Your organization's work continues – now with a new twist. States have relaxed their stay-at-home orders allowing up to 50% of your employees to return to the workplace. This means you now have to operate in shifts. As a result, you have one team in two places at the same time ​ in-person and remote. Learn about how to develop consistency between the employee shifts and how to blend both sets of employees.​

 Session 5

Re-boarding: Bringing Workers Back​ / May 18​ 

Your employees remember what it was like before COVID-19. Now it's different – but not completely. What are the logistical leadership considerations with re-boarding employees? What are the potential team interpersonal characteristics that emerge? A Human Resources and Organizational Development expert will blend the tactical and interpersonal perspectives to give participants a holistic approach to re-boarding. 

Session 6

Behind “Back to Business" – Uncovering Employee Needs ​/ May 27

Many employees were required to work remotely on short notice, while others stayed in the workplace. Now it's time to reintegrate. What challenges are employees facing at home and in the workforce? What does leadership look like with reintegrating employees? This session will help leaders reacclimate employees, explore potential needs, and unresolved conflict. 


Employers Council Staff, Megara Kastner.                  ​


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There are no scheduled instances of this class for the remainder of the year. Check out our new course catalog this fall, or click below to explore onsite options.

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