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  • Communication


Communicating well can be challenging in any setting, but is an essential skill for individuals, teams and organizations when navigating difficult topics. This seminar provides you a solid understanding of communication dynamics and helps you successfully exchange ideas with others even in emotional, tense settings.


  • Understand how differences in styles create barriers to good communication
  • Choose effective strategies for resolving difficulties
  • Apply specific skills for handling complicated interpersonal matters
  • Expand your ability to listen and talk about issues to influence others and achieve productive outcomes
  • Learn to gauge others’ interests and intent
  • Increase your personal effectiveness by being self-aware and self-regulating in addressing conflicts

Designed For

Non-management and support staff personnel who frequently work with difficult people or situations

Additional Consideration:

Training on this topic for your management team is also available.


Course ID #COMM122

Class Details

No offerings for the remainder of the year. Check our new course catalog coming out this fall.

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