Many agree that the greatest problem in most workplaces is poor communication. Information isn’t shared, conflicts are not resolved, feelings are hurt, tempers fly, and, despite what we know about what we should do in difficult situations, we often find ourselves too unskilled or uncomfortable to take appropriate action. Many of us are at a complete loss about what to do. This program helps participants manage communication issues in the workplace to create successful outcomes.

Certificate Requirements

Classes are organized into three levels. Participants are advised to take the foundation classes first. Additional classes can be selected according to individual need. To request your certificate or for more details, please contact the Registration at 800.884.1328 or email

Important Information

As of 2014, credit will only be given for classes completed the five years immediately preceding the final class that qualifies the individual for the program. If you have relied on information published in previous catalogs and taken classes outside of this time frame, you must contact Registration by December 31, 2019, to receive the appropriate credit for those classes.



Please note that you must complete both the Required Core Classes and the Elective Classes down below to receive this certification.

Required Core Classes

  • Basic Skill-Building Foundation Seminars:

    Developing and Building Trust in the Workplace

    This class is designed to help you understand how to build trust and how that impacts relationships with your co-workers, managers, and customers.  Course ID MGMT128

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  • Communication: A Solution-Focused Approach

    Solution Focused tools will quickly get you clear on your goals, motivate you, and move you forward to your desired future. Course ID SUPV124

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  • Workplace Respect

    This valuable course offers you an opportunity to onvestigate some root causes of disrespect and unclear personal boundaries. Course ID COMM114

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    Intermediate Skill-Building Foundation Seminars:

  • Conflict: Self Management

    Participants gain a deeper understanding of their conflict patterns and acquire skills for responding constructively. Course ID CONF102

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  • Listening to Understand

    Class participants will address thier unique habits and iimprove listenign skills. Course ID PERS114

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  • Developing Interpersonal Communication Skills

    This rich, interactive, and intentionally introspective seminar allows participants to work with and examine their internal and external personal and professional habits that impact their ability to enhance and/or improve relationships. Course ID COMM108

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  • Advanced Skill-Building Foundation Seminars:

    Collaboration Skills: A Radical Approach to Problem Solving and Conflict Resolutions

    Radical Collaboration® teaches five essential skills for building strong alignments. This fast paced, hands-on learning experience increases trust and problem solving and reduces costly defensive behaviors.. Course ID TEAM112

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  • Emotional Intelligence at Work

    This highly attended and expertly facilitated course offers participants the opportunity to focus on the essential elements that lead to the building of or erosion of effective relationships and subsequent outcomes. Course ID MGMT111

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  • Team Leadership: Leading Teams

    This course offers team leaders, supervisors, and managers an opportunity to assess and think critically about what sets a team up for success, and what derails team success.  Course ID TEAM107

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  • Leadership Through Influence

    This highly interactive and practice-based course empowers anyone who must accomplish organizational and personal goals by influencing upward, laterally, and downward—individually and in teams. Course ID MGMT103​​
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Classes You Can Choose From

You need to choose two of these classes in addition to the required classes above to complete your certification.

Assertiveness Training

Participants will learn to successfully manage customers, clients, bosses, and co-workers. Course ID PERSD101 or PERSD102

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Co​mmunicating Effectively in ​Difficult Situations

Learn practical talking and listening tools and strategies that can be put to immediate use. Course ID COMM 101 or COMM102

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Communication Feedback: Know Thyself

Understand how others perceive you and learn to effectively adapt your communications to be more effective in the workplace. Course ID COMM104

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Developing Presentation Skills:

Participants will focus on skill-building by designing and delivering two presentations and receiving both class and instructor feedback. Course ID PERSD105

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Enneagram: Leveraging the Power of Personality

The Enneagram will help define nine distinct personality TYPES and how each TYPE views and interacts in the world. Course ID PERSD122

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Generations: Working Together

Through class activities, participants will gain skills to work more effectively with members of different generations. Course ID PERSD115

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Communication Tools for Maximizing Performance

Successfully put into action a set of precise and practical communication methods, skills, and techniques. Course ID COMM105

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Creating Effective Work Groups 

Employee investment increases engagement and enhances communication. Attend this class to enhance your work group leadership skills. Course ID TEAM 108

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Customer Relations: Making the Connection

Explore methods to connect with customers to give them a truly personalized experience, practice skills to acknowledge the customer’s needs in difficult situations, and determine appropriate action steps. Course ID CUST101

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Interpersonal Mastery: The Human Element 

The Human Element® Approach is built upon the philosophy that the level of success an organization can achieve is determined by the quality of the relationships among its customers, suppliers, colleagues, managers, and team members. Course ID COMM120

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Cultivating Kindness in the Workplace 

This class will explore ways to implement tools and tactics to promote kindness in the workplace through building and maintaining: Compassion, Transparency, and Inspiration Course ID PDEV131
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Myers-Briggs: An Interpretation of Personal Style

The MBTI® is useful for working through conflict and communication issues, as well as enhancing leadership and group problem-solving skills, and is vital to the teambuilding process. Course ID PERSD108

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Emotional Intelligence: Advanced Skills 

When it comes to happiness and success in life, emotional intelligence (EQ) matters just as much as intellectual ability (IQ). . Course ID MGMT172

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