When you participated in the “Communicating Effectively in Difficult Situations for Managers and Supervisors” workshop, you were introduced to the I-SkillsZone System of communication as an approach to engaging difficult situations productively. As a response to requests by past participants, this one-day advanced workshop is designed to provide additional consultation and training that focuses on specific situations and applications.


Increase your confidence and ability to:

  • Change distressing/unproductive relationship patterns.
  • Understand and reduce negative triangulation (three-person interactions).
  • Choose effective intervention/facilitation modes to bring about positive change.
  • Create collaborative solutions to complicated situations.
  • Build more satisfying and productive working relationships.

Practical Learning Methods

Participate in a variety of interactive learning methods:

  • Brief conceptual presentations
  • Instructor consultations and live demonstrations of facilitation processes
  • Use of your own real issues/situations to learn multiple modes of intervention
  • Practice of several modes of intervention
  • Coaching and process feedback

Bring Your I-SkillsZone Workbook to the Workshop

  • Participants will each receive a set of large Information Wheel and Listening Cycle skills mats to keep and use for their own applications back the job.
  • Additional handouts will be provided to supplement the I-SkillsZone Workbook.

Behavioral Outcomes

You will understand and be able to:

  • Apply “ Human Checkers” — a non-verbal technique for assessing and altering strained/ineffective relationship patterns with difficult people
  • Conduct tough one-to-one conversations
  • Deal more effectively with resistance
  • Build positive triangulations
  • Resolve two-person conflicts
  • Process complex team issues/conflicts
  • Facilitate intergroup/departmental conflict
  • Give positive feedback effectively
  • Manage more collaboratively

Designed for

Managers and supervisors who have taken Course ID# Comm101 “Communicating Effectively in Difficult Situations for Managers and Supervisors”


Sherod Miller, Ph.D., Interpersonal Communication Programs, Inc.


0.65 Continuing Education Units
Course ID #COMM124

Class Details

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