HR Competencies

  • Business Acumen
  • Leadership and Navigation
  • Relationship Management 


Radical Collaboration® is a catalyst for building more effective work environments and more trusting relationships. Collaboration requires a skill-set and a mind-set, both of which can be learned. Radical Collaboration® has a proven track record for doing exactly that; teaching employees and organizations to become more successful.

Radical Collaboration® is taught at the United Nations, NASA’s Management Education Program, the State of California, and the Stockholm School of Economics. This program teaches five essential skills for building strong alignments. This fast paced, hands-on learning experience increases trust and problem solving and reduces costly defensive behaviors.


  • Build collaborative skills
  • Recognize the elements of building and maintaining long-term trusting climates
  • Develop skills establishing and solidifying partnerships/alliances
  • Learn the dynamics of interpersonal relationships
  • Practice problem solving in simulated and real-time situations
  • Gain personal insight into attitudes and behaviors in conflicted situations

Who Should Attend

Executives, managers, team leaders, team members, OD and human resources professionals, change agents, trainers, consultants, or anyone looking to improve teamwork, resolve conflict more effectively, or change their team and organizational culture to a more productive and collaborative environment

On-Site Option

If you want your team to talk more openly, resolve conflicts more effectively, and be more productive, or bring it to your organization and we will train your entire team! In addition to the standard on-site rate, this session has additional materials fees.


Employers Council staff


Great on-site!



1.30 Continuing Education Units
12.00 SHRM-PDC
Course ID #TEAM112

Class Details

There are no scheduled instances of this class for the remainder of the year. Check out our new course catalog this fall, or click below to explore onsite options.

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