HR Competencies

  • ​​Leadership and Navigation
  • Ethical Practice
  • Critical Evaluation
  • Consultation
  • HR Expertise


Soft skills involve leadership development, team building, communications, empowerment, and engagement. Some executives perceive hard skills as more important than soft skills. The evaluation studies present a different picture—the ROI is higher for soft skills. The HR function must show the value of various soft skills. Individual programs need to show value to the business, up to and including the financial ROI. This interactive workshop is based on several best-selling books on measuring the success of soft skills authored by Jack J. Phillips, Ph.D., and Patti P. Phillips, Ph.D., Participants will receive several ROI books, a 100-page workbook, and two job aids.


  • Describe the need to measure the contribution of soft skills
  • Identify the five levels of evaluation
  • Align soft skills programs to the business
  • Collect and analyze data
  • Report results and make improvements
  • Increase the investment in soft skills
  • Increase influence with senior management

Designed For

This workshop is for anyone in an organization who is responsible for initiating, developing, facilitating, or evaluating soft skills programs.


Dr. Jack J. Phillips and Dr. Patti P. Phillips, ROI Institute​


Course ID #MGMT173

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No offerings for the remainder of the year. Check our new course catalog coming out this fall.

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