What seemed like a great idea in the brainstorming meeting often times never makes it to implementation.  One of the reasons is that it does not get the buy-in from “the powers that be.”  If only you knew how to develop a business case for your next great idea!  In this program, discover how to identify opportunities to grow or change your business strategy and translate them into a business case.  This program will cover the origins of a  new business initiative from “great idea” through generating buy-in. 


  • Identify the four types of risks associated with a new business idea
  • Evaluate the of risk of a new proposal
  • Understand ROI and other financial metrics,
  • Analyze your market
  • Negotiate the interpersonal challenges involved along the way


0.10 Continuing Education Units
Course ID #EJ4_LMS_17

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Location:Online Learning
Member Price:$159.00
Non-Member Price:$240.00

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