A culture of accountability exists when employees feel ownership of processes, decisions, and results. As the glue that ties intention to results, creating a culture of accountability improves the quality of the organization’s products and services. In this workshop, we explore how supervisors can develop and maintain a culture of accountability. We will learn four key steps that help employees feel personal and genuine accountability for individual, team, and organizational success. We also focus on creating ethical organizational cultures that reflect internal and external accountability to all stakeholders. Beyond mere compliance programs, this class will help participants create and live by concrete moral principles and policies that govern their and their organization’s behaviors.


  • Understand the prerequisites to accountability
  • Recognize the differences between accountability and authority
  • Consider specific organizational conditions for accountability to thrive
  • Learn the three distinct stages that employees go through in developing accountability
  • Review the eight steps to sound ethical decision making in business
  • Review Kohlberg’s levels of moral reasoning
  • Use sample moral dilemmas to explore ethics in personal and business settings

Who Should Attend

Anyone looking to improve self and others in the area of accountability


Van Potter, M.Ed., Lodestar Inc.



Course ID #PDEV140

Class Details

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