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We survey over 4,000 jobs, from laborer to CEO, and everything in between to provide our members with validated, accurate, and reliable wage and salary information. We conduct over 35 community and industry-specific surveys to assist them while developing a compensation plan or making other business decisions. We not only provide private-sector compensation data, but we also have public and non-profit-sector data. Our survey data are easily accessible online to our members’ authorized staff in the member portal of our website. 

We arm employers in Arizona, Colorado, Utah, and Wyoming with the information they need to make informed decisions about compensation. In addition to wage and salary data, we offer survey statistics on pay practices that affect total compensation, like incentive, bonus, overtime, reporting, on-call, shift-premium and severance pay practices.  

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Survey Data for All Types of Organizations        


As competitive private employers, it's important to know what your competition is offering. Employers Council can keep you informed on what types of benefits, salaries, and incentives your competitors offer and how these numbers are affected by geography. That ensures that you're in a position to make the best decisions possible.


As a public employer, compliance can drive a vast majority of decisions. However, with so many rules and regulations to navigate, small margins can be the difference when trying to attract top talent. Our survey data can keep you informed on industry and regional trends, so that you know when your budget can budge, and when it needs to stay put.


As a nonprofit employer, benefits and compensation can be difficult to offer competitively. Employers Council's survey data can help you assess what kinds of benefits you can afford and what other employers provide in your region, and our benefits experts can help you apply the data in the best way possible. That way you don't have to compromise your mission or drive up overhead costs to attract the right employees.


Types of Survey Data

Employers Council provides a wide range of survey data by both industry and region to help you stay informed and make the best decisions for your organization. Our survey data cover:

Wage and salary ­

How much you pay is a crucial component in who you get to hire. Our wage and salary data keep you informed on what different positions in your region and industry pay on average, so that you can offer slightly more.

Incentives and Bonuses

Incentives and bonuses can help motivate your employees to reach an organizational goal or perform better overall. Our data help you know what other companies are offering, so that you can stay competitive – and stay within your budget.


Whether you offer overtime is typically driven by industry, with some state and federal considerations to factor in as well. Our data can help you establish baselines for overtime pay, and our compensation experts can help you stay compliant with state and federal laws.


Certain industries require more than just nine-to-five. Health care, for example, requires certain positions to be on-call in case of emergency. Employers Council survey data can help you understand the expectations you should set with your employees, and what levels of pay others offer based on the demands of your industry.

Shift Premiums

For industries that require or are improved by employees working at non-conventional times like night or holiday shifts, shift premiums can help provide incentives for employees to agree to fill these slots. Our data can help you understand whether other companies in your industry offer shift premiums, and what level the premiums are offered at so you can make an informed decision for your own organization.

Severance pay

In a majority of situations, laws do not require employers to offer severance packages to terminated employees. However, offering severance pay can be an effective way to demonstrate that you value the people you hire, even in the event that they're not a good fit for your organization. Our survey data can help you compare your own severance pay policies or lack thereof to other employers' and make an informed decision on whether it is something you should offer. Employers Council's compensation experts can also help you stay compliant with any federal or state laws you should consider when crafting a severance pay policy.


We regularly conduct community and industry roundtables to determine our members’ survey needs, and we hold an annual briefing session to assist members in understanding and applying our survey data in their workplace.  ​

For access to accurate and informative survey data, as well as a team of experts to help you apply it effectively to your organization, join Employers Council.


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