Go beyond the traditional 360 assessment experience and join us for a customized blend of learning that will enhance your career. We have integrated our 360 assessment with five coaching sessions and a customized selection of Employers Council classes to provide you relevant knowledge and skill building. This 6-8 month program is designed to bridge the 360 coaching experience back to the workplace for maximum impact. 


360 Profiler
For professional growth to occur, individuals must possess an accurate picture of their current strengths and developmental needs. Employers Council’s 360 Coaching helps people develop that picture through the use of a rigorous 360 instrument that measures performance around a comprehensive set of competencies. This process includes:
  • ​Completing the assessment
  • Reviewing feedback from various rater groups
  • Creating a customized development plan with targeted classes
Five sessions with a certified Employers Council Coach
Your coach will provide insight, feedback and guidance as you assess your strengths and areas of development, work your development plan, and apply skills back in the workplace. Three classes chosen specifically by you and your coach to support your continued growth
Working with your coach, you will attend three relevant classes to enhance your 360 experience. These classes will ensure that your development continues to occur.

Who Should Attend

Anyone from individual contributor to CEO desiring career enhancement


Employers Council certified workplace coach


Course ID #PDEV138

Class Details

There are no scheduled instances of this class for the remainder of the year. Check out our new course catalog this fall, or click below to explore onsite options.

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